What we do

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

What is forest school?

In providing a school without ceilings and walls, a child is able to be free of the restrictions that the traditional classroom offers. Children blossom with space and the freedom to just be. The demands of school, even at a very young age, can be too daunting and challenging for some children. In a traditional educational system, one size most certainly does not fit all and outside learning can often give these children the chance to shine. At PlayWood we hone in on a child’s individuality, finding their niche and finding where they’re at their most comfortable. Forest school teaches teamwork, respect and gives the child a sense of achievement which they may not otherwise pick up in a traditional school setting.

Although, happily, more schools are now recognising the importance of outdoor pursuits in their timetables. Outdoor education gives every child a chance to show their abilities, even children who normally shy away from group tasks. Tania is a great believer in giving all children a different context in which to expand their skills and one in which their self-esteem will grow. On a practical level this is a taste of what we do:

  • whittling, making tools
  • shelter building
  • fire building/lighting
  • wild food foraging
  • outside cooking
  • bird watching
  • other bushcraft related activities

Activities are planned with the child’s abilities in mind, to encourage team work and have a load of fun.

We’re able to bring forest school into children’s lives by providing the following:

  • Saturday morning groups
  • Once a month sessions for 8-11 year olds
  • Sessions within the traditional school day at the school itself
  • 1-1 sessions
  • From September I will be doing a preschool ‘discovery’ morning (never too young too start!)